Mars - 3. MARS 2
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ARIN: It was a beautiful world once–full of life, love and the dreams and ambitions of the countless souls who inhabited its incredible landscapes.
But that was over a half-billion-years ago–before the planet was thoroughly obliterated by a few religious extremists, callously hiding among an otherwise, vast tolerant populace. In a twisted test of faith to an alluring cruel goddess, its destruction was so complete that it was once deemed as forever lost by those within the Higher Realms. (Tale is retold in a series of flashbacks.)

MARS 2: In 2551, given a rare second chance, the dead world has been brought back to life. After 500-years of terra forming, along with mass transfers of water from Earth, the 4,000-kilometer long Mariner Valley has been transformed into the Mariner Sea. Nearly 20,000,000 people now live within 20 burgeoning cities, spread across its vast rugged coastlines.

BEELZEBETH: The planet’s unlikely resurrection hasn’t gone unnoticed by those responsible for its destruction in the first place. Every religion in history had(s) its cruel gods, to counterbalance their righteous Creators. In Arin’s case (Mars) they fully intend on reclaiming their dreadful trophy a second time. The Dark’s cruelest, most ruthless deity is sent back to the scene of her infamous triumph–to make certain it never rises again. The Earth, which was little more than a lifeless, frozen snowball during her first appearance, is set to be included in this final, ultimate destruction–as a mindless lesson.

URIANA: The Light’s greatest player, she’s brought into the brewing conflict to prevent her faithless, traitorous sister, Beelzebeth, from completing her diabolical intent a second time. She’s unknowingly incarnated into this futuristic Clash of the Titans as, Adair Brown, the solar system’s most renowned physicist. Recently arrived from Earth, she thinks she’s there to regenerate Mars’s long lost magnetic field. Her looming reality becomes quickly apparent when she learns the true extent of her wicked rivals strange abilities– Along with her own burgeoning recollections.
Yet things weren’t always so precarious between the once inseparable, loving siblings. But that was before a self-doubting Beelzebeth (Beth) was irreverently seduced by Lucifer.

THE BOSS: Not since the Tales of Greek Mythology has God been portrayed as such a mainstream character within the guise of a story. He intently watches the accelerating series of perilous events, along with the rest of the Higher Realms, as 2 of His 3 estranged daughters square off in the pivotal clash that’s certain to leave the entire Cosmos completely spellbound. Yet His deepest desire, despite the fate of the 2 worlds teetering on the abyss, is that His perpetually warring offspring should finally reconcile– And the once deeply beloved Beth, might somehow return to the Light. Amid the absolute violence and chaos of the sisters’ epic encounter, He subtly begins to break His own rules–by pulling a few personal strings–in their ultimate game of all games.

GREYSTONE KEYS: The discoverer of Arin’s enormous ancient underworld, created deep beneath the planet’s gigantic extinct volcano, Mt. Olympus. He becomes Uriana’s most trusted ally when she’s forced to flee to the remote subterranean labyrinths, to escape Beelzebeth’s continuous, murderous onslaughts.

LOATHER AIRS: Mars’s most ruthless, diabolical criminal, he’s destined to become Beelzebeth’s newest prophet. She is, after all, a goddess, who intends on being worshiped–before she annihilates her wretched Martian flock–a second time!

These, along with a strong cast of other stimulating characters, are set within a storyline that never gives the reader a single pause from the breakneck pace so duly established from the very first page. All of the considerable future science used in this story is sound. Subjects such as Heaven, Hell, eternity, angels, souls, reincarnation, rebellion and redemption, are each interwoven into the fabric of the plots more divine aspects. How are people likely to consider such things, 500-years in the future? Yet these are just a few of the intriguing subplots, pragmatically set against the backdrop of our own popular beliefs– Along with an (eventual) optimistic, credible realization of our foreseeable human destiny.

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