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1. Tut & Ann - AMAZON BEST SELLER portfolio I will reveal fully: "The most important missing decade in History, was also the most extraordinary decade, in History."
"The First Teen Idols To Shake Up The World Weren't Rock Stars"
2. BEELZEBEtTH portfolio I will deliver: "The American Frankenstein"
"From the blackest depths of the ocean to the darkest depths of your soul"
3. MARS 2 portfolio I will deliver: "The Most Pertinent Science Fiction Novel of the 21st Century."
It appeared as a beautiful world once, full of life, love and the dreams and ambitions of the countless souls who inhabited its incredible Landscapes - Until the Prophets Came
4. Guardian Angel portfolio I will deliver the all revealing keystone novel: To THREE SISTERS FOUR
Once the absolute darling among Heaven's Elite - And The Boss's personal favorite, Now she was fallen, To the very lowest level of the angelic pyramid.
The Hi-Tec Rocks portfolio I will deliver: "The contemporary, Rock & Roll version of TUT & ANN"
"They were the most Famous Band, in the most Famous Year, in the History of Rock n' Roll"
THREE SISTERS FOUR portfolio Complete Audio / Visual Story Outline 3:16

Special Bonus
One Sister Two complete visual outline.